The CRYOCUBE was designed for optimum
    preservation of biological products in
    a manufacturing context.

The CryoCUBE

Freeze thawing and transport… made easy for superior preservation

The CRYOCUBE was designed for optimum preservation of biological products in a manufacturing context  where storage and transport of unfinished drug substances is critical for optimization of production. It consists in a container with internal heat transfer shelves, for freezing, transport, storage and thawing of solutions in disposable bags.

The CRYOCUBE can integrate several bags, or a single large-volume bag in a high heat transfer area for fast cooling or heating in a compact aspect ratio.

The bags are frozen, transported and thawed while enclosed inside the stainless steel insulated shell of the CRYOCUBE. This avoids the handling of frozen bags, which are fragile and slippery at frozen storage temperature.  A temperature control unit provides power (through a coolant) for freezing or thawing the CRYOCUBEs using a quick connect/disconnect system.



Single-use and linear scalability...
because time is precious

Overall, the CRYOCUBE is the answer to increasing volumes that must be preserved and transferred safely, under latest QbD  directives, using the benefits of single use technologies, while avoiding cumbersome and risky operations involved in handling of expensive biologics in frozen bags.

The CRYOCUBE opens single-use technology to the freezing of large volumes, enabling to avoid the burdens of poor performance of reusable systems, cleaning and validation.  The CRYOCUBE can linearly scale to 300 L maintaining its high consistency, homogeneity and preservation quality. The compact structure is maintained by increasing the size and number of shelves, safety is ensured by the individual bags which are not handled at low temperature. Due to its unidirectional freeze-thawing geometry, the CRYOCUBE can also be scaled-down linearly, which enables to use effectively small volumes during process development.


Homogeneity and Consistency...
for rational freeze-thawing

The homogeneity achieved with the CRYOCUBE enables excellent reproducibility and higher stability of proteins during the freeze-store-thaw cycle.

The CRYOCUBE enables unidirectional freezing from bottom to top. This geometry suppresses natural convection causing the formation of columnar dendritic ice structures with a uniform spatial distribution (with typical cryoconcentration variations  smaller than 10%).


inside the CRYOCUBE device
assembling the single-use bag inside the CRYOCUBE device.
CRYOCUBE with single-use bag assembled.
back door of the CRYOCUBE device.
CryoCUBE Specifications Summary


  • Best in class Homogeneity
  • Linear scalability
  • Reproducibility
  • Disposable containers
  • Fast freezing and thawing
  • Lightweight
  • No handling of frozen bags
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